Termite Control Services in Malaysia
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Termite Management

Pre-Construction Soil Treatment

Subterranean Termites are the most common and are easily the single most damaging pest in Malaysia.Termites feed on the cellulose in timber but can embark on exploratory  feeding thus damaging electrical writing. PVC conduits, etc. They enter the building through cracks less than 1/2 mm wide and you will normally notice their existence only after extensive damage is done. A mature nest contains millions of termites with the Queens Termite living up to 20 years underground and laying 20,000 eggs per day.

Prevention Method

Pre-Construction Soil Treatment

This method gives the building a better against protection termite intrusion.. Termiticide can spread more evenly and wider area be covered thus better protection and precaution can be taken.


  • They can destroy valuable documents, cause electrical short-circuits and consenquently fires.
  • Ceiling, roof rafters, window door frames, timber floor and wall panels are all prone to termite attacks which can prove financially damaging and in certain situations, pose unnecessary dangers.
Treatment Method

  • Stage I : Power spray to drench foundation hall at the correct concentration for every hole before concreting.
  • Stage II : Power spray to drench the 40 mm soil border around the ground beams and columns at the correct application per meter run.
  • Stage III : Power spray to drench soil surface at the correct for every meter for before concreting of ground floor slab.
  • Stage IV : Power spray to drench soil surface at the correct for every meter at before concreting of carporch and apron area.

Post-Construction Corrective Treatment (Slab Injection)

Prevention & Corrective Treatment

Post Construction

This method is to create a termiticidal barrier up to 40 mm thick around the perimeter ground beams and columns of the building, these termitical barriers will act as a protective shield against termites intrusion.

Scope Of Work

  1. Drill hole along wall perimeter.
  2. Filled in Termiticide with high pressure injector.
  3. Seal the hole.
  4. Roof checking & protection roof treatment.
  5. Completed with warranty certificated.
Treatment Method (Slab Injection)

  • In order to inject termiticide to the soil under the building slab, small holes (20 mm dia) will be drill through the slab at 40-60 mm apart to the nearest point from the vertical wall where seem necessary.
  • After injection the drilled holes will be filled with cement or other similar suitable material to blend with the existing surface appearance.
  • We will issue a time warranty after completion. During the warranty period an fresh infestation will be treated without additional charges.

Termite Colony Elimination Baiting System

The baiting system (both in-ground and above-ground) feature a significant volume which enables a maximum bait quantity to be taken by the termite colony in the possible times. This enables a more rapid colony elimination, giving you peace of mind.

Above Ground Bait Station

  1. Above Ground Station installed at termite affected area.
  2. The bait station will be seal and covered properly.
  3. Termite starting feeding the bait within 1-2 weeks.
  4. Termite colony successful eliminated within 7-12 weeks.
In Ground Bait Station

  • In-ground stations are the forefront of system-affording your home ongoing protection from termite attack.
  • These stations are placed strategically around the exterior of your home where they become your first line of defence against possible termite attack.
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