Termifence Termite Prevention System - Pest Control Specialist Malaysia
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Termifence Termite Prevention System

Termifence System provide a preventative system of termite management into new homes by installing a reticulated rigid piping system that allows for re-treatment at any time during the life of the new home.


Despite its innocuous appearance, this silent destroyer as it has been called is, in fact, the most pervasive, aggressive and destructive breed of termite in the world.


Homeowners need to be vigilant in their termite management program and Termifence Systems when installed pre-construction phase of new homes provides the building owner with peace of mind, knowing that termifence provides up to 20 years warranty* to all its installed and maintained systems.

Termifence are purpose built reticulated, replenish-able pipe system providing a safe, cost effective and reliable barrier to the entry of Subterranean Termites. Termition Reticulation System have been extensively tested and successfully used over the past decade, and have been specifically designed to offer long term termite management and damage prevention system.


This systems can accurately distribute the required amount of termite control agents into the underslab and perimeter of the property. Such system also eliminate the risks of air-borne exposure of termite control agents to the public, workers and animals.

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